True 1920s Raccoon Coat w/ Hat

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Some collegiate gent loved this coat !! 1920s raccoon coat with its original matching hat. For being a couple years shy of 100 years old it’s in amazing condition. Very heavy piece in a fairly generous size as it was tried on by a 6’ 230# son and fit well. These are its issues to note. While double breasted and with loops on both side for either side to button three of the loops an the left side have issues with the casing. The are there and work but the black is gone. The interior lining is in beautiful condition except for the back of the neck as shown. The interior of the hat is frayed. It’s very heavy and large for shipping  so we have padded the price a bit to cover costs.  Just a fantastic example of men’s early century vintage fashion. 

measured as 

19” shoulder 

50 long